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Love Hina sim date RPG Love Hina sim date RPG

Rated 3 / 5 stars


this game freezes up on you sometimes.. and that sucks.. i will write a more complete review later.. i'm just annoyed right

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Pico Sim Date 2 (v.1.5) Pico Sim Date 2 (v.1.5)

Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

information for ya...

i'm one of the rare girls that likes to waste time by playing sim dates.. lol.. anyways.. here is all the info i have found out.. here ya go!

job scenarios...

-janitor: borrow money(str: 5)
-janitor: tell supervisor(chm: 5)
-janitor: girl(chm: 3, int: 3)
-janitor: talk him out of it(int: 3, chm: 3)
-janitor: who the fuck?($250, str: 5)

-errand boy: i don't care!($75)
-errand boy: leave it(str: 8, $160)
-errand boy: a-wing(str: 5, chm: 5)
-errand boy: mall(int: 5, chm: 4, $200)
-errand boy: jam filling?(chm: 5, str: 5)

-supplies: no i shouldn't($120, chm: 12)
-supplies: i'm gonna show vinh(chm: 12, $100)
-supplies: yes please($50, str: 13)
-supplies: i must recount(chm: 7, int: 8)
-supplies: i'll let it slide(int: 7, chm: 8)

-cubicle hand: sure(int: 19)
-cubicle hand: jazz(int: 17, $100)
-cubicle hand: i'll take matters(str: 10, int: 10)
-cubicle hand: it might be(str: 11, chm: 10, $250)
-cubicle hand: i'll make this($325, chm: 19)

-computer: kinky(chm: 18, int: 20)
-computer: stay true(int: 31, $95)
-computer: sounds interesting($230, int: 32)
-computer: dylan(int: 35)
-computer: second boat($400, chm: 33)

-business: fastest($80, int: 25)
-business: old school($170, chm: 32)
-business: orders are orders($275, str: 22)
-business: fuck work($500, chm: 33)
-business: don't have a reason(chm: 20, $300)

-trophy: didn't touch her(int: 33)
-trophy: indian(chm: 20, int: 20)
-trophy: 4th hole(str: 33, $1200)
-trophy: ask her why($2500, chm: 24, int: 26)

-vp: go along(str: 23, int: 26, $3400)
-vp: i'll just tell(chm: 27, int: 25, $2800)
-vp: fuck that(str: 37, $2300)
-vp: girls are slutty($3900)
-vp: he is bluffing(str: 15, int: 15, chm: 15)

-ceo: dave($450, int: 36)
-ceo: nice($3000, chm: 37)

-boss: cheryl(int: 40, chm: 41)
-boss: give chance($1000, chm: 40)
-boss: cheryl's idea(chm: 40, $1365)
-boss: special game(str: 40, $3850)
-boss: no(chm: 45, $7500)

now the girls...

favorite band is salt and vanilla
likes comedies
shinii hair products
works as receptionist
likes rNb
wears dremio
eats peanuts
eats at soya wok chinese
birthday is april 30
wants to be a lawyer
likes math

birthday is june 8
likes soccer
eats nachos
wants to go to california
drinks boom boom sports drink
likes jeffy ultimo
shops at vex'd up
watches shoot out
works at mini golf park
hates science
went to south portal school

wants to go to japan
watches fruits basket
likes dramas
eats fudge pears
birthday is jan 18
has 3 older brothers
shops at bookmark'd
works at a office
eats spaghetti
likes art
listens to flow

likes thin-haired weasels
hates fish
shops at razor sharp
favorite color is magma red
birthday is sept 13
in a band called dark glow
likes peanut butter and jelly
has a garden in basement
works at a fish factory
eats sweet strawberry ice cream
hates family studies

cool is weak against jocks
jocks are weak against nerds
nerds are weak against cool
emos are weak against emos lol..

btw, fun game.. love it! hope there is a third.. i was disappointed in the endings though.. and what's the point of the rewards???

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